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Joseph Marcal is Teaching 

Basic AK-47/AK-74 Operator's Course at MCTA



Sunday, February 17

9:00am - 5:00pm

Guest instruction! Sign up, don't want to miss this one!

The Automat Kalashnikov Rifle is the one of the most widely used and produced firearms on the planet to date, despite the fact that it was adopted by the Russian military in 1949.  The basic design of this weapon has been copied in many variations by as many as 30 different countries. The Kalashnikov rifle can be chambered in most popular calibers, however it is the rifle's ability to provide a reliable and easy to use platform that keeps it in use. Despite the length of time that this weapon has been in use, it is still one of the most misunderstood weapons by most western cultures.  One of the most common myths, relates to the weapon's almost magical reliability and the thought that it is not capable of any kind of serious accuracy.  It is the purpose of this course to educate students on history, nomenclature and basic function of this legendary rifle.  

This course will cover:

  • Brief history of AK-47 and AK-74 design and use.

  • Zeroing AK rifle, with Russian site-in target system (including sight adjustment).

  • Sight in optics (if student gun equipped) and cover use of aftermarket accessories.

  • Manipulation of AK platform (reloads and clearing malfunctions).

  • Demonstrate tools for AK (AK cleaning kit).

  • Work gun out to 100 meters and 200 meters.  

  • Field stripping and maintenance of AK weapon.



  • 900 rounds (caliber according to student rifle)  

  • Sling

  • Rifle mags

  • Rifle mag pouch

  • Ruler in centimeters

  • Bring safety glasses, ear-pro and hat

  • Bring plenty of water

  • Wear getting dirty clothes




Note: some variant of AK rifle is required (NO PISTOLS) 

Learn About Our Guest Instructor:


Joe Marcal has been a law enforcement officer for 18 years. During that time Joe has accomplished many levels of training relative to his field, which are as follows:

1) Louisiana P.O.S.T. Firearms Instructor.

2) N.R.A. Law Enforcement Instructor in Patrol Rifle, Tactical Shotgun and Select Fire.

3) T.E.E.S. Explosive breacher/handler. 

4) Armored vehicle tactics. 

5) Submachine gun Instructor. 

6) Sniper certified (basic deployment and advanced techniques for urban operations).

7) S.W.A.T. certified in room entry and less lethal options. 

8) Armorer for most domestic small arms (Glock pistol is primary).


Accomplishments regarding training outside of the realm of official training disciplines include the following:

1) AK-74 / AK-47 advanced building and shooting fundamentals of the weapon system.

2) Non indigenous small arms knowledge, like subguns, rifles and pistols.

3) Belt fed machine guns; M249, M240, Browning 1919, MG-42, PKM 


Currently Joe is a full time police officer, working as a firearms instructor at the training academy and assigned to SWAT duties. These duties include warrant service and call outs for barricaded subjects, hostage rescue and land and maritime security operations. Joe currently hold the rank of Sergeant and prior to being assigned to training academy, Joe was a patrol officer and detective.


MCTA Inc. is dedicated to training you to your full potential in firearms and tactical training. We bring you and the actual operator together so that you learn from the men who do this for a living.


For more information about this class or any other classes offered by MCTA Inc. 

surf our website or call us at:


MCTA Shooting Evolved is waiting on you!


Michael Honkala

Director of Operations, MCTA Range Inc.

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