Force on Force Training - Dynamic Conflict Resolution
  • Force on Force Training - Dynamic Conflict Resolution

    To Schedule Training please look at the available dates on the drop dawn menu or call 228-365-0022

    * Reservation fees made for training are "non-refundable." Classes can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the date of the class, if fail to reschedule the full cost of the class will be lost. Members will have a 20% discount in all classes taught by MCTA. Discounts will not include guest instructors who are not affiliated with MCTA Inc.


    Non-Members: $150

    Members: $120 (20% off)

    • Synopsis:

      The Dynamic Conflict Resolution Course will give you the tools needed to survive an armed or unarmed struggle in a home defense scenario or out in the real world with your loved ones present. This 8 hour course will teach you the basics of hand to hand fighting and use of a handgun to defend yourself and protect your loved ones. The following topics and objectives will be covered during the course of instruction:

      • Situational Awareness, Color Codes, and Just Plain Paying Attention
      • Tactical Advantage Positioning
      • 21 Foot Rule, and Attack from Contact Distance
      • Basic Strikes and Kicks
      • Takedowns
      • Ground Fighting Techniques- from Guard, Mount, and other Positions
      • Approach to a Room for Entry
      • Slow vs Dynamic method of Room Clearing
      • Room Entry and Clearing with 1 or 2 persons
      • Immediate Danger Areas and Weapon Retention
      • Fields of Fire and Areas of Responsibilities- Primary and Secondary Scans
      • Light Discipline
    • Schedule:

      Class duration 8 hours

      From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


      0800-0815       Check in, paperwork, Safety Brief.

      0815-0845       PowerPoint Presentation.

      0900-1130       Practical Application of Strikes and Kicks, Takedowns, Ground Fighting and Weapon Retention.

      1130-1200       Lunch.

      1200-1600      Practical Application of Room Clearing Techniques and Force on Force Scenarios.


      This class will be taught in our indoor facility (1309 Hauhg Av. Picayune, MS 39466)

    • Gear and Equipment:

      Student should bring - Mouthpiece, Groin Protector, Eye Protection, Ball Cap, Long Sleeve Shirt and or Light Jacket, Long Pants, Tactical Boots or Athletic Shoes, Food and Snacks, Water. 


      MCTA will provide - Face Shields, AirSoft Handguns and Equipment.


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