Personal Protection Outside the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home

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* Reservation fees made for training are "non-refundable." Classes can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the date of the class, if fail to reschedule the full cost of the class will be lost. Members will have a 20% discount in all classes taught by MCTA. Discounts will not include guest instructors who are not affiliated with MCTA Inc.


Non-Members: $200

Members: $160 (20% off)

  • Class Synopsis:

    Teaches the skills needed for self-defense outside of the home. Students will learn strategies to successfully protect themselves and their families when they are away from home. Topics covered will be:


    - Levels of awareness,

    - The fighting mindset,

    - Ideas of concealment,

    - Keeping yourself out of bad situations,

    - Intro to timed combat shooting,

    - Why one magazine might not be enough,

    - Differences between cover and concealment,

    - How not to be an easy target

    - Information on an individual’s right to self-defense.


    In this class you will learn basic pistol shooting skills

    - Legal Aspects of Self-Defense outside your home.

    - This course is a basic course and you will not be drawing from a holster.



    Class duration 8 hours

    From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


    350 rounds


    Holster and extra mags

    Some type of cover garment
    Safety glasses and ear-pro
    Plenty of water
    Wear getting dirty clothes

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