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Mike Honkala
Director and Lead Instructor

M.C.T.A. was founded in 2013 by its director, Michael Honkala, 

to be the shooter's choice for training and plinking. Through years of hard work and fighting with insurance companies and red tape, the MCTA facility was born. Located in the Stennis Space Center buffer zone in southern Mississippi, Mike built a 300, 200 and 100 yard rifle ranges, four 25 yard pistol ranges and one 50 yard training range on 14 acres of privately owned land. This facility coupled with 53 years of combined experience from our staff makes M.C.T.A. the premier shooting facility in the local area. M.C.T.A. is SHOOTING EVOLVED! 

“In 1776 men would line up shoulder to shoulder load their rifles and stand opposite each other in a field, shooting until somebody quit. Fast-forward 200 years and now fighting is chaos, those with the least skillset will lose.
M.C.T.A.  does not hold to one set of gun fighting principles. If you have seen or heard about a technique, we will try it and find the right place to insert it into your skillset. Shooting in combat, competition or during that life threatening moment you may have, is different than from 1776. The weapons have evolved, tactics have evolved, the technology has evolved. So as a shooter we must evolve. We are

Michael Honkala, Director & Lead Instructor