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Warrior Weekend IV
Once in a Lifetime Experience at MCTA.
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“Training with MCTA has been a life-changing experience.  This organization exudes professionalism and integrity, while demonstrating an uncanny level of dedication to their clients.  They work with you, and adapt their unique methodology to suit your operational and training demands.  If they cannot make you a better shooter, no one can.  The skills, knowledge, and insight that they have to offer cannot be found anywhere else.  Because of what I have learned from MCTA, I now have the ability and the confidence to go where I could not go, and do what I could not do before.”

Sean B.

“The classes at MCTA are AWESOME!! Three years ago when I first came, we started with the basic safety and function of the weapon. We went step by step covering everything. We went from tactical reloading to emergency reloading. As the classes progressed we learned the proper stance and grip for the weapon. We also learned the alterative shooting grip, the pros and cons of it, and when to employ it. As we continued we learned shooting, moving and how to properly used cover. We also learned how to shoot, move and communicate as a team. We learned how to reload as we were moving and how to cover someone if they were reloading. We covered alterative shooting positions as well, because you will not always be in the perfect position or textbook stances to take your shot. The classes at MCTA are amazing. You not only learn the proper way to shoot, but how to work the weapon. From shooting with the proper stance to running and gunning to mid range shooting, MCTA has you covered, not matter what you want to learn.”

Bill S.

Robert Smith

“Warrior weekend 2 was awesome. It was tough, challenging both physical and mental. A lot of great info that makes you realize how much you don't know and drives you to get it. Also makes you realize you need more cardio in your life.”

Jason Wheat

“Mike, John, Chris, and Frank were all extremely thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and entertaining instructors during our Tactical Teachers training course. Our training ran the gamut from basic hand fighting, to improvised weapons, to practical shooting, to medical response, as well as including informative ballistics demonstrations. Thanks again, gentlemen!”


Christine Scheler

“Had a great experience yesterday during the MS Concealed Carry (Instructor Carry/Enhanced Carry) training at MCTA. Thom was great, and interacting with Frank & Mike was great too. Great training & great ballistics demonstration - they didn't just tell you how different bullets behaved, but SHOWED you in a dynamic fashion!

Lots of other training & members shooting on other ranges there yesterday as well. MCTA sure has a lot to offer!

Thanks, y'all!.”

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