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Flat Top Road (1 Mile North from Texas Flat Rd)

Stennis Space Center Buffer Zone, MS 39529

Open to the Public Friday to Sunday

10:30 am to 4:30 pm


1309 South Haugh Avenue

Picayune, MS 39466

Private Parties and Events Only

Book Online or Call

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The Range

MCTA Outdoor Facility


Friday to Sunday

10:30 AM to 4:30 PM  

Non-members will have access to the facilities but must adhere to the range guidelines and rules, and will not be allowed to draw from the holster without direct supervision. 


7 Days a Week

24 Hours a Day

20% off on all MCTA Training  

We believe in big boy rules here at M.C.T.A., members, after demonstrating a level of competence, will be allowed to practice holstering and presenting their handgun with no “range official” breathing down their back. 

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For Everyone and

For All Needs

So you want to run and gun. While completing his 20 years in the special boat units, Mike received some of the best training in the world from the special forces training cadres from all branches.  Coupled with his ongoing work as a security contractor over seas, he is more than qualified to push you to your limits. Mike and his staff will take you as far as you wish to go. 


We Have The Facilities and The Experience   

Our instructor staff are all retired military with over 112 years of combined experience in special operations. We are not your normal contract company for training. We will work with you to bring the best product for your folks without taking your year to date budget. We were you, we are you (though slightly older) and we remember being you. Come see us, you might be surprised by what you find.

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To Train or to Have Fun

MCTA Has It 

Hunting Clubs: Need a place to sight in? Come contract with us.

Warrior Weekends: Adventure weekends designed by some of the most devious minds on the planet. Fun and sweat at its finest.
Zombie Survival School: Are you ready for the horde?
Tournaments: Speed with accuracy and a tactical mindset.
Instructor Rentals: You have a class set up but no range to teach the class on? Come on in we will rent you a range exclusively for you.

The range Services
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The Hangout

MCTA indoor Facility

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So, you’re an excellent flat range shooter, great,

now what? Will you actually have the skills to win the fight?

Sign up for some of our indoor facility training where we introduce you to force on force training in a no nonsense training environment, there is no fluff here, we do not teach you video camera fight moments, this is real world training in a hostile environment guided by our staff who are peerless.


Check Our Virtual 

Smokeless Range   

Out of ammo? Can’t train the way you want? Come try our smokeless range system so you can keep sharp without spending $50.00 per box of ammo, because there is no ammo! Twenty dollars or two hundred dollars your choice.


To Train or to Have Fun

MCTA Has It 

Ever try Nerf wars, or have you played with airsoft? Well grab your guns and come by the hangout and run around to your hearts content. Did uncle rick buy your child a Nerf gun to ruin your house? Is your child not allowed to play with it in the house? Well bring them to our house and let them run and gun their crazy hearts out we provide darts and rental guns you bring your guns and your sugar rushed kids and we can guarantee a good night sleep

For Everyone and

For All Needs

The Hangout services
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Is Shooting Evolved!

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