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Advance Handgun

Advance Handgun

To Schedule Training please look at the available dates on the drop dawn menu or call 228-365-0022

* Reservation fees made for training are "non-refundable." Classes can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the date of the class, if fail to reschedule the full cost of the class will be lost. Members will have a 20% discount in all classes taught by MCTA. Discounts will not include guest instructors who are not affiliated with MCTA Inc.


Non-Members: $345

Members: $275 (20% off)

  • Class Synopsis:

    This course of instruction provides advanced concepts and skills for survival in a dynamic, high threat environment. It is a fast paced course designed for anyone interested honing their combat pistol craft. Focus is placed on applying proven tactical concepts and practical dynamic courses of fire. Concepts covered are as follows:


    - Weapon Safety and Handling.

    - Strong Hand Unsupported Shooting with Combat Reloads.

    - Weak Hand Supported and Unsupported Shooting w/ Combat Reloads.

    - Controlled Pairs, Hammers, Double Taps.

    - Multiple Targets Failure Drills.

    - Distance Shooting.

    - Shooting Positions.

    - Immediate Threat and Position of Retention.

    - Barricades.

    - Advancing, Retreating and Lateral Movement Shooting.

    - Pivot turns.

    - Advancing to Cover.

    - Odd Positions.

    - Timed Shooting Drills.



    Class duration 8 hours

    From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm



    - Personal Handgun with 2 to 3 magazines.

    - Secondary handgun for contingency.

    - Approximately 900 rounds of appropriate caliber ammunition.

    - Holster.

    - Magazine pouch.

    - Pistol Belt.

    - Eye and Ear protection.

    - Ball cap.

    - Comfortable range attire.

    - Comfortable Hiking Shoes, boots, or running shoes.

    - Towel.

    - Water Conveyance (Camel Bak, Canteen, or water bottle).

    - Basic Pistol Cleaning kit with lube.

    - Shooting gloves (Optional).

    - Rain gear (Optional).

    - Knee Pads (Optional).

    - Snacks and lunch.


    Bring the will to learn!

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