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  • Ladies' Handgun

    To Schedule Training please look at the available dates on the drop dawn menu or call 228-365-0022

    All training will be charged 20% "non-refundable" reservation fee, at the time of booking.The remaining balance will be paid at the beginning of the class.

    Non-Members: $160 remaining balance
    Members: $120 remaining balance (25% off)

    • Class Synopsis:

      Course is designed to aid ladies in picking the right handgun. During this class you wil also learn:


      - Safe weapons handling

      - Marksmanship

      - Presentation (the draw)

      - Weapons malfunction clearance drills

      - Proper holsters and why it is important

      - Ballistics demonstrations and why we carry the rounds we carry for defensive purposes

      - Understanding the mechanics and working of a semi automatic pistol



      Class duration 8 hours

      From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm


      250 rounds pistol
      2 spare pistol mags
      Safety glasses and ear-pro
      Plenty of water

      Wear getting dirty clothes

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