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Practical Precision Rifle Course
  • Practical Precision Rifle Course

    To Schedule Training please look at the available dates on the drop dawn menu or call 228-365-0022



    * Reservation fees made for training are "non-refundable." Classes can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before the date of the class, if fail to reschedule the full cost of the class will be lost.Members will have a 20% discount in all classes taught by MCTA. Discounts will not include guest instructors who are not affiliated with MCTA Inc.


    Non-Members: $245

    Members: $195 (20% off)

    • Class Synopsis:

      This Precision Rifle Course will focus on the techniques needed to develop a proper mindset to deploy a precision rifle as a marksman. The goals of the course will be to develop the knowledge and mindset necessary to carry and deploy a precision rifle as a marksman responsibly, and with confidence. As a result of participating in this class the student will be able to explain and demonstrate the following:

      • Principles of a precision rifle and optical system
      • The difference between cover and concealment
      • Develop the proper mindset to deploy and use a precision rifle as a marksman
      • Reloading under stress
      • Immediate action drills
      • Scope adjustment (dope the scope)
      • Shooting Positions : sitting, kneeling, standing, Prone (good shooting positions)
      • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
      • Shooting dominate and non-dominate hand and eye
      • Trigger pull
      • Ability to call the shot
      • Zeroing, reading and setting turrets
      • Weather and other effects
      • Data books
      • Range estimation
      • Shooting from elevated positions and moving platforms
      • Shoot head shots on targets with hostages
      • Engage barricaded suspects



      Class duration 8 hours

      From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm



      A law Enforcement type optical sighted bolt action or Semi-automatic rifle, caliber .223 or larger, equipped with a sling and capable of holding at least four rounds within the rifles integral or detachable box magazine. The rifle, ammunition, optical sight and shooter should be capable of shooting 1” five shot group at 100 yards from a prone shooting position. The Optical sight must be of target type equipped with micrometer scale and open turret type elevation and windage adjustment knobs, which can be turned with the fingers, and have both tactile and audible click adjustment (standard hunting type optical sight with coin type or screwdriver adjustment are not suitable for this class). A duplex or Mil-Dot reticule is recommended.



      • 200 rounds of duty rifle (Match Grade) ammunition
      • Bipod and/or sand bag
      • Tripod mounted spotting scope
      • Cleaning equipment
      • Water proof shooters mat
      • Cap/hat with some type of bill/brim on it
      • Shooting tripod ((BOG type)(optional but suggested)
      • Bring safety glasses, ear-pro and hat
      • Bring plenty of water
      • Wear getting dirty clothes
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